Creative Director


Four Point Productions is a client centered video production company specializing in small to medium sized organizations. Our tailored approach to understanding your vision and messaging allows us to commit our creative resources to relaying that vision and message to your specific audience, whether promotional, social or mass distribution.

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My career began at a small local UHF television station in the Dallas Fort Worth area where for a couple of years I “cut my teeth” in studio operations. Camera, audio, lighting, set design, remote and ENG projects were all part of a typical day. In 1985, I along with family members began a business of providing news and talk programming to radio stations around the country. This was in the early days of commercial satellite delivery technologies. The name of our company was the USA Radio Network. After 25 years in broadcast and satellite radio creating and producing news and talk programming we all have since moved on to other challenges and chapters in our lives. My next adventure was director of photography for comedian Tim Hawkins where I was responsible for directing and producing many of his music videos and concert events. With Tim’s retirement from performing, a natural next step was to expand and continue to develop my production company, Four Point Productions. I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with some amazing creatives over the years and am honored to have them as part of this journey.